November 2011 Archives

Retro Style for Kitchen Tiles

Retro styling for the home is officially back in vogue and done tastefully, it can make your home look chic rather than cheap – but of course, that’s far easier said than done. Take some inspiration from Happy Days or let some Grease Lightning hit your kitchen with some diner-style checkerboard tiles for the floor,…
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Removing Tiles Part Two

After the preparing properly, which is what we looked at in part one, now is the time to get started.

No Window? No Problem

Those of you that have them in your homes will agree – windowless bathrooms are as much of a blessing as a curse. Whilst they’re always warm and offer great privacy, they can feel dark and cramped, especially if they’re decorated poorly. Tiling your bathroom in bright, light-reflecting colours can create an illusion of light…
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Removing Tiles Part One

Whether a tile has been damaged, you want to add some flare to a room with the addition of a snazzy new design or a fixture needs moving, removing tiles needn’t fill you with dread. The process is very straight-forward and following this simple guide you should easily be able to get this done without…
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Tile Terminology Explained Part Two

Part one of our Terminology Explained feature looked at the different styles of tiles and what the terms mean. Here, in part two we take a closer look at some of the other terms you might come across when tiling.

Creating the Illusion of Space Using Glass Tiles

We often think about using glass tiles as a way to create emphasis, draw attention to a particular part of a room but what about using them to make a room feel and appear bigger?

How to Tile Your Bathroom

Though tiling a bathroom is a project that most DIY-savvy individuals would be able to easily do themselves, it pays to make sure you’re fully prepared. Though the main differences between a bathroom project and tiling a dry room are down to waterproofing, there is much to consider.