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Taking Care of Your Tiles

Once your new tiled floors and walls are fitted, most of your work is done, but don’t forget about your tiles completely. Look after your tiles properly and they’ll last for decades, not just years, and all that it takes is a couple of minutes each day.

Keeping Your Tiles Gleaming Part Two

Last week we introduced our feature on keeping tiles looking good and in this second part we take it a little further by looking at everyday cleaning and removing stubborn stains.

Get Safety As Well As Style from Your Tiles

When selecting new floor tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, it’s important to consider not only what looks good, but also which tiles will be safest to use. Any tiles with a shiny, glossy finish are great for walls, but on floors they will become treacherously slippery when wet, so it’s best to use tiles…
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Keeping Your Tiles Gleaming Part One

You can’t beat the feeling of seeing newly installed tiles in your home, when the area goes from a work-in-progress to a showroom-like source of pride. There’s no reason this gleam has to fade though, with occasional efforts helping to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them.

Marble and Travertine for A Sinking Feeling

More and more people are looking for alternatives to porcelain sinks when redesigning their bathroom, which is boosting the popularity of elegant sinks made from travertine and marble.

Tiles – A Dream for the Bedroom Floor

Tiling in the home is only usually considered for the kitchen and bathrooms, and occasionally the living areas – but why not the bedroom? Tiled floors are durable, stylish and complement any décor, making them perfect for the room in which we often spend most of our time.

Wonderful Waterproof Wet Rooms

Small spaces demand creative interior design solutions, and one that’s proving extremely popular in recent years is the wet room.