Marvellous Mosaic Bathrooms On A Budget

Mosaics are a brilliant way of adding individual style to your home, but these beautiful little tiles can often end up costing more than their bigger, plainer cousins. However, with a little careful planning and a bit of interior inspiration, there’s no reason why you can’t have the stunning mosaic bathroom of your dreams, and all within a very reasonable budget.

Why not add visual interest by using a contrasting border? This technique has been around for a long time, and is the perfect fit for a vintage-style home. A double row of Stonetrader’s Aqua Pearl Bubble glass mosaic tile, placed high up in a simple white tiled bathroom gives an authentic retro feel. You could also use a mosaic border to define the edges and location of shower fittings and fixtures, making a design statement.

Add A Bit of Texture

For a smaller area still, you could line the shower unit with three rows of the more intricate Boston glass and stone mosaic tiles from Stonetrader. These add a bit of texture and visual interest to the plain tile in a shower. Or if you don’t fancy the idea of borders or stripes, you could create a feature wall behind the sink, or on the back wall of your shower. You still get the visual impact of a large mosaic area without the cost of doing the whole bathroom. Feature walls often give more drama than making every surface uniform – remember, sometimes less is more!

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