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Get the Results You Want With Glass Tiles

Different types of StoneTrader tiles require different techniques for application, and it’s always important to do your homework first to avoid disappointment later on. Glass tiles can be tricky in particular, so here are a few things to bear in mind before you begin the task. Get a Grip Glass tiles are impervious, which means

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How to Successfully Lay Porcelain Tiles Pt. 2 – Fitting the Tiles

In the first instalment of this blog post we showed you how to prepare a floor for tiles to be laid. Next, we will explain how to properly cut porcelain tiles and cement them into place.

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How to Successfully Lay Porcelain Tiles Pt. 1 – Preparation

So you’ve settled on the new design of your kitchen or bathroom, chosen and ordered your StoneTrader porcelain tiles and are ready to get to work, but do you know how to properly work with these types of tiles? Yes, they are hardwearing, but only when handled properly – so here’s the first instalment in

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