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Colour Therapy in Your Home – the Kitchen

In the first of this series of blogs on how to use colour therapy in your home, we focused on how to encourage relaxation and restful sleep in your bedroom, simply by choosing the right colour scheme. Next, we’re going to look at which colours will enhance your mood in many people’s favourite room – […]

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Colour Therapy in Your Home – the Bedroom

Selecting a new colour with which to redecorate your home is fun, but the colour you choose can do much more than just look good – it can also affect the way you feel.

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Still Unsure If Tiles Are For You?

To tile or not to tile, that is often the question when it comes to decorating the home. Whilst it will come as no surprise what side of the fence we’re sitting on, it’s not without good cause that we champion using tiles. Whether indoors or out, floors or walls, kitchens or bathrooms, time and […]

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