Frequently Asked Questions

Which cards do we accept?

The cards we accept are listed at the bottom of the 'basket' page. We currently accept MasterCard and Visa debit & credit cards (including Visa Electron), as well as Delta, Maestro & Solo debit cards.


Will my order include a sales receipt?

Yes, a sales receipt is enclosed with all orders prior to shipping.


Can I get a VAT receipt ?

Each order is delivered with a sales receipt including VAT information. If you require further information you can Contact us via phone on 0113 231 1572 or via email: [email protected]

How is my information secured when using the stonetrader website?

The stonetrader site doesn't take or store any payment information from our customers this is done by our Payment service provider PayPal. Information that we do take are all stored in a database protected by 2 layers of logins encrypted through SSL. All passwords are encrypted and salted

Product Information 

Are all Stonetrader products available online?

Yes, we currently have all available products available to buy online through the site


Where can I get technical help with a product?

  You can either contact us via phone on 0113 231 1572 or email [email protected]


What is the difference between a Commercial Grade & Premium Grade stone tile?

Grading of natural stone products is quantified on the density and colouration of the stone. Premium grade is consistant in colour with very few caverties which require filling during the production process. 


Can I return leftover products?

Yes, you can return leftover products you do not require for refund within 28 days of delivery.


Will I be contacted before delivery?

Next day goods - If you have ordered products for 'Next day delivery' then you will receive email confirmation that the order has been dispatched. You will not be contacted by telephone prior to delivery unless specified in the comments box during the checkout process.

Standard delivery - Orders which have been placed on our 'Standard delivery' will receive an email confirmation that the order has been dispatched. A further email will then be sent with a delivery date. If you wish to change this date/ day please Contact Us prior to the delivery date.


Will the couriers carry the goods inside my property?

Due to insurance guidelines, delivery personnel are unable to enter private residences. The recipient of the goods is responsible for any additional lifting once the initial delivery has been made.


Can my order be delivered to an alternative address?

Online orders can be delivered to an alternative, this needs to be specified during the checkout process.

Telephone orders can be delivered to an alternative address upon passing the relevant security checks


Do Stone trader prices include VAT?

Yes, all our prices on the site include VAT at the standard rate of 20%


General Company Information

How do I contact Stone trader?

You can either contact us via phone on 0113 231 1572 via email [email protected]