Natural Stone Fitting & Care

Maintaining your Natural Stone is just as important as choosing the correct stone to suit your interior or project.
This page has been designed to provide general information to help you care for your natural stone. If your require further information please contact one of our fully trained staff on 0113 231 1572.

There are four key parts when caring for your Natural Stone wall & floor tiles.

Part 1 - Preparing the stone & fitting

  Our range of beautiful Natural Stone Tiles deserve to be fitted correctly. This means correct preperation of the tiles and the area to be tiled.

  Some Limestone Tiles in our range like Applestone and Seashell Antique, will require extra preparation pior to fixing. recommends applying a coat of Premium Stone Total Care Limestone Impregnator to these stones for added protection against staining prior to fixing. Travertine tiles due to their pitted nature may require the back of the tile to be filled with Tile Adhesive. This is called 'back buttering' and will help to reduce ongoing care.
   Existing walls and floors may also need to be prepared for tiling depending on the type of surface to be tiled.
   When fitting your natural stone you need to make sure that you use the correct adhesive and grout which is suitable for the stone you have chosen. recommends Ultra Tile Pro-Rapid RS Tile adhesive for walls and Ultra Tile Pro-Flex SP Tile Adhesive for floors. Both of these products are rapid setting tile ahesives suitable for fixing all types of natural stone. recommends using a white adhesive with natural stone tiles to avoid a shadowing effect which can show through the tile after fixing with a grey or dark adhesive. We have a wide range of Grouts from Ultra Tile that will compliment your stone. Available in a range of colours and joint widths to suite all your design requirements.
   Tile Adhesives
After the tiles have been fitted, residue from cutting and fixing may have built up on the surface of the tile, we recommend that this is removed and the tiles are cleaned Premium Stone Total Care Residue Remover before the tiles are sealed. This will stop residue being sealed into the tile giving it a cloudy finish.

Part 2 - Sealing

Sealing your Natural Stone tiles and protecting them against staining is crucial. Once the tiles have been thoroughly cleaned to remove any residue they will require sealing. recommends using a suitable product from our Premium Stone Total Care Range. Our staff are fully trained with these products if your require any help selecting the correct one for your stone please call us on 0113 231 1572.

Part 3 - Intensify

Some Natural Stone tiles can be given a protective treatment that intensifies and enhances the colour, patterns and veining within the stone. If you would like to intensify your Natural Stone tiles, recommends using an intensifying product from our Premium Stone Total Care Range. If you need any help regarding our products and intensifying their features please give us a call on 0113 231 1572.

Part 4 - Cleaning

Natural Stone is just like any surface, it requires cleaning and an amount of ongoing care. The amount of care that your stone needs can be reduced by properly sealing the product during the installation process, it will also depend on the level of foot traffic and usage the area gets. recommends cleaning all our Tiles on a regular basis with Premium Stone Total Care Tile & Stone Cleaner. This will help to maintain the sealer which has been used at installation. We do not recommend using any other household cleaners or detergents as these may remove the protective sealer from the stone and damage the Natural Stone. During the stones lifetime within your home it may require further care such as stain removal, deep cleaning, grout cleaning, re-sealing and re-polishing. If you need and special advice on a new or existing surface please feel free to contact us on 0113 231 1572 or email us [email protected]

If you require any further help and advice on any of our product please call our expert team on 0113 231 1572 and they will be happy to help with any questions you may have

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